Accessibility Statement

The Tidhar Group and the Yuvalim Group invest significant effort and resources in order to provide all of their customers with equal, respectful, accessible, and professional service.

 The companies are committed to promoting accessibility and to acting in accordance with accessibility legislation. They firmly believe that all customers, including customers with disabilities, are equal and entitled to benefit from full accessibility to the companies’ properties and services.

 This section of the website is intended to provide information about the companies’ accessibility arrangements.

 The companies have pledged to continue working to improve the accessibility of the service they offer their customers.


Informing All Company Employees – All employees have been informed regarding their legal obligations, with an emphasis on the prohibition of discrimination, provision of equal service in an inclusive environment, and the companies’ accessibility arrangements for customers with disabilities.


Customer Service Training – Service center managers and employees have been trained in providing service to people with disabilities.


Accessible Service Centers – The telephone service centers are available and accessible to all customers, including people with disabilities. All information is conveyed in a clear voice, in simple language, and at a slow pace, without background music.


Accessible Information Delivery – The companies provide their customers with the option of receiving information in accessible formats. This information delivery is free of charge and intended for people with disabilities. For accessibility-related inquiries and information, please contact the accessibility coordinator, Yoram Kedem, by phone at 09-7766244 or by email at


Office Accessibility

All of the companies’ offices on their construction sites are accessible and enable easy movement for people with disabilities – including in terms of entrances, hallways, furnishings, and restrooms.


Internet Accessibility

The Tidhar Group and the Yuvalim Group consider the accessibility of their website to be of the utmost importance. An accessible website improves the convenience and ease of use for people with disabilities. This website was built in accordance with the

Equal Rights for People with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments) Regulations, 5773-2013, and the international W3C’s WCAG 2.0 standard for Level AA online content accessibility.


Below are a selection of the accessibility features available as part of the overall website accessibility program:

 Accessibility Menu – At the top of each page you will find an accessibility menu that enables you to:

  • Change font size
  • Change color contrast
  • Skip directly to page content, the main menu, and search using the keyboard
  • Halt animated texts and images, to reduce confusion and distractions


The site can be navigated using a keyboard, as follows:

  • Press Tab to move to the next link.
  • Press Enter to activate the link.
  • Press Shift+Tab to return to the previous link.


Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users – The site has been adapted for navigation with screen reader software and includes:

  • Titles
  • Alt texts for images
  • Division of the site into navigation areas and a consolidated content area, with the option to skip between them
  • Using ARIA to enhance accessibility when using a screen reader


Accessibility Restrictions & Inquiries

We continue to invest substantial effort into making this website accessible. However, it is possible that certain parts of the site are not yet fully accessible. If you encounter a problem or have a comment or question, please write to the Tidhar Group at: 14 HaTidhar Street, Raanana 43665. Tel. *3604.


The WCAG 2.0 guidelines are available here:




Contact Details

The Tidhar Group and the Yuvalim Group will be happy to receive your inquiries and/or suggested improvements to help us further enhance our customer service.

For accessibility-related inquiries and information, please contact the accessibility coordinator, Yoram Kedem, by email at or by phone at 09-7766244.

This accessibility statement was last updated on: July 29, 2020.

The plans and details on this page are for illustration and visualization purposes only. They are subject to change, including in accordance with the building permits and the guidelines of the planning authorities.
The company shall only be bound by the sales plans and specifications, as finalized after receipt of the building permit.